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Discounted Lift Tickets To Utah's Ski Resorts

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Where To Get Discounted Utah Lift Tickets

You cannot buy discount lift tickets at Utah's Ski Resorts! - - - But 2 local ski shops in Salt Lake ( Stop In Before You Drive Up To Park City or Alta/Snowbird ) with 3 locations have an agreement with all of Utah's Ski Resorts.

You simply go there and buy them at the discounted price, that's it! Nothing else to buy, no pint of blood to leave. Sure they're hoping you will buy some of their other products and services while you are there, and many people do, but, its not necessary if you just want to buy cheap lift tickets.

Those Salt Lake Ski Rental Shops are:

Canyon Sports and AJ Motion Sports. Together there have 3 locations between them.

Canyon Sports has one location downtown Salt Lake which you drive by on your way up to our ski resorts.

The downtown location is the most convenient stop if coming from the airport. As you approach the downtown area on I-15, you get off on the 6th South exit, proceed a few blocks to 200 West, turn left and we will be on your right hand side. Getting back on I-15 is very easy, and you will be on your way up to Park City or Alta/Snowbird in minutes.

AJ Motion Sports has the 2 other ski shops.

Their locations are: at 1881 East Fort Union Blvd, (7200 South in the Cottonwood Heights Shopping Center which houses one of our State Liquor and Wine Stores) and is close to the entrance of both Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons that take you to Alta, Brighton, Solitude and Snowbird Ski Resorts.
They have another in Sandy in the Little Cottonwood Shopping Center at 1956 East 9400 South. This location covers the entire south end of the valley and is close to the entrance of Little Cottonwood Canyon, leading you up to Alta & Snowbird Resort.

All 3 locations have Ski & Snowboard Rentals, Discount Utah Lift Tickets, Overnight Tune-ups & Repair, Clothing Sales & Rentals, Helmet Rentals, A Full Line of Demo Skis & Boards, X-Country, Snowblade and Snowshoe Rentals.

Discount Lift Passes for Skiers and Snowboarders: With discount lift passes available for all the major ski resorts in the state, you get on the slopes for less money. Discount lift passes for ski resorts include Alta, Snowbird, Brighton, Solitude, Deer Valley, Snowbasin, Powder Mountain and Sundance.

Daily Savings...

Alta, $ 6.00 Discount Every Day.
$ 96.00 at the resort or only $ 90.00 here.

Brighton Adult Weekdays/No Holiday, $ 6.00 Discount.
$ 79.00 at the resort or only $ 73.00 here.

Brighton Adult Weekends/Holidays, $ 3.00 Discount.
$ 79.00 at the resort or only $ 76.00 here.

Brighton - Night, $ 4.00 Discount Every Day.
$ 44.00 at the resort or only $ 40.00 here.

Brighton - Youth, $ 8.00 Discount Every Day.
$ 49.00 at the resort or only $ 41.00 here.

Snowbird Adult Tram & Chair, $ 23.00 Discount Every Day.
$ 116.00 at the resort or only $ 93.00 here.

Snowbird Adult Tram & Chair, Off Peak, $ 22.00 Discount.
$ 106.00 at the resort or only $ 84.00 here.

Snowbird Adult Tram, 2 Out Of 5 Days, $ 72.00 Discount.
$ 236.00 at the resort or only $ 164.00 here.

Snowbird Junior Tram & Chair, Any Day, $ 3.00 Discount Every Day.
$ 51.00 at the resort or only $ 48.00 here.

Solitude One Day, $ 8.00 Discount.
$ 83.00 at the resort or only $ 75.00 here.

2-Day Consecutive Days, $ 26.00 Discount.
$ 166.00 at the resort or only $ 140.00 here.

Solitude One Day Junior (7-13), $ 6.00 Discount.
$ 53.00 at the resort or only $ 47.00 here.

Park City Area Ski Resorts Do Not Offer Discounts

Deer Valley, Discounts Fluctuate
$ 128.00 to $ 134.00 at the resort, Call for Rates

Park City, No Discounts Available
$ 108.00 to $ 116.00 online and at the resort

Park City, Junior All Day No Discounts Available
$ 69.00 to $ 74.00 online and at the resort

The Canyons Has Merged With Park City Mountain Resort.

Where? Purchase Discount Utah Lift Tickets at Both Canyon Sports and AJ Motion Sports

They can be used all ski season long, including holidays and weekends until the resorts close for the 2016 ski season!

Everyone in your party can buy them for every day you want to ski.

In addition to the discount lift tickets, both AJ Motion & Canyon Sports also have...
* Ski & Snowboard Rentals
* Overnight Tune-ups & Repair
* Clothing Sales & Rentals
* Helmet Rentals
* Full Line of Demo Skis & Boards
* X-Country, Snowblade, Snowshoe Rentals
* Bicycle Sales, Rentals & Repair

SENIORS... We Advise Seniors To Bring Your ID ( Ages 65 plus ).

JUNIORS... We Advise Juniors To Bring Your ID ( Ages 7 to 12 ).

Where to buy these discounted lift tickets to our Utah Ski Resorts...

Discounted Utah Ski Tickets
Visit AJ Motion Sports Locations

Also Visit Canyon Sports Locations

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