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Whether visiting for business or pleasure, our free travel planners provide the planning tools to help make your Salt Lake Visit a stress-free experience. Reviews, tips, discount offers on hotel lodging, condo rentals, golf, restaurants, activities, attractions and much more, all with one goal in mind, to get you the latest information for your upcoming visit to Utah.

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Tips and Tricks for a Better Stay When Visiting Salt Lake City

The Front Desk

Salt Lake City Hotel Hints

Some people might panic about their packing when traveling, but you don't need to worry if you forgot something. Many hotels have everything you could possibly need, and it's not just free soap or shampoo. Many establishments have hair straighteners, and some even have some video game consoles for children. Check with the Front Desk.

Low Phone Battery

Utah Hotel Hints Low Phone Battery

Since the invention of cellphones, people have had to worry about carrying a charger in their bags all the time. This is especially true in today's world as we use our smartphones for absolutely everything. If you accidentally left your charger at home, there is a chance someone actually forgot their own at the hotel. You just need to call the front desk and ask if they have one for your phone.

Sink Refrigerator

Utah Hotel Hints Sink Refrigerator

Sadly, not every hotel room comes with a lot of accommodations beside the bed. Sometimes, you just need a mini-fridge to keep your things cold. However, even if there is no fridge, don't throw away your stuff. You can make a cooler at the bathroom sink with some ice, which will keep your drinks cool so that you can relax while watching a movie.

The Phone Pocket

Utah Hotel Hints A Phone Pocket

There are many hotels that don't have nightstands for some room weird reason, but you don't have to leave your stuff on the floor in this situation. You can just make a little pocket with the sheets of your bed. This might not work at home because most people use fitted sheets. This hack usually only works in hotels.

A Shower Cap

Salt Lake City Hotel Hints

Although not everyone uses a shower cap, you can actually use the one provided by the hotel for other things. If you forgot to bring bags, you can keep your dirty shoes inside them to avoid damaging your clothes. They can also be used to cover the remote control if you're afraid that it might be too dirty.

Eating In With The Family

Salt Lake City Hotel Hints

Unfortunately, traveling with the family can rapidly become expensive and even tiring. So, if you're planning to eat in your room and don't want to make a mess, you can always use the ironing board. Just place it in front of the bed with a towel to avoid damaging it. Now, you have a table for the kids.

Special Occasions

Salt Lake City Hotel Hints

Some people are traveling for a special occasion like a honeymoon, birthday, a bar mitzvah or even a christening. Well, it's always better to let the hotel know in advance, as they will most likely offer you a deal for your event. You might even get an unexpected upgrade. All you need to do is be polite to the staff, and they'll take care of you.


Salt Lake City Hotel Concierge

Asking the staff for recommendations is a great way to experience the local color, but it's not always an unbiased opinion. A hotel owner might actually own a restaurant or a bar in the area, and employees will always steer you towards them. It's best to do your own research and then ask them about the places.

Instant Darkness Provided By a Clothes Hanger

Utah Hotel Hints Darkness Clothes Hanger

When you're in an unfamiliar place, you might have trouble sleeping, especially if the lights of this new city are shining too brightly. Most of the time, you won't be able to arrange the curtains so that there is no gap. However, you just need to grab the pants hangers from the closet and press the drapes with the clips to keep them shut.

Uses For The Conditioner

Salt Lake City Hotel Hints

Some people are reluctant to use the products provided by the hotel, but they are really great. Meanwhile, conditioner can actually be used in other ways, and not just to leave your hair silky smooth. It works as a shaving cream, a makeup remover, and even for cuticle care. It can also be used to wash your delicates, leather, and shoes.

Batteling Germs

Salt Lake City Hotel Hints

Legend says that one of the dirtiest things in a hotel room is the remote control. Almost everything else is normally cleaned, and the bed sheets are changed, but this item is always the same. Therefore, it's best to cover it with a plastic bag or a shower cap from the bathroom. Germaphobes will be grateful for this hack.

No More Ironing

Salt Lake City Hotel Hints

There are many hotels that offer irons at the front desk, as many rooms have ironing tables as well. However, you don't have to waste time ironing your clothes. A perfect hack is to put all your garments in the bathroom while your shower. The steam of the hot water will make sure that there are no more wrinkles in your clothes.

Cut Down On Noise

Utah Hotel Hints Cuts Down On Noise

You might be staying in a busy hotel, especially if you're traveling during busy seasons. Sometimes, the walls are just too thin, and people can be loud during vacation. You might not be able to switch rooms either. So, the best you can do is take an extra towel and wedge it between the crack by the door. This will help significantly.

Always Have A Water Bottle Handy

Salt Lake City Hotel Hints

Unfortunately, you might be stuck in your room without water for a whole night, and that can be annoying. Bringing water with you is not always practical, but you can bring an empty water bottle everywhere. Don't fill it up with tap water, though. If the hotel has a gym, it's best to fill your bottle at their water cooler.

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