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Salt Lake City Car Rentals

Salt Lake City is home to a little bit of everything. Whether you're a first time visitor or a local, our goal is to make your visit more enjoyable by providing updated information.

Salt Lake City Utah Car Rentals
Rugged Rental
Specializing in SUVs, Vans & Trucks
Fast Friendly Service - Locally Owned Since 1993
Salt Lake City Airport - 5 Minutes Away
Free Local Shuttle - No Airport Taxes or Fees
Daily, Weekly, Monthly Rentals - Corporate Rates Available
Vans - Minivans, 15-Passenger
Sport Utility Vehicles - 6 Different Sizes, All 4-Wheel Drive
Pickup Trucks - Full-Size Shortbed or Longbed, All 4-Wheel Drive
Cars - Compact, Midsize, Premium
Rugged Rental of Salt Lake City

Online Travel Sites

Compare rates on off-price travel sites such as, and sign up to receive exclusive coupons and discounts. Don't be afraid to haggle, Daugherty says.

Take the three best deals you find on websites such as Priceline, Expedia and Travelocity, then call the local offices of the rental companies with the lowest rates and see if their agents will beat the online deals.

"Rental cars are like hotel rooms and airplane seats," Daugherty says. "If they didn't sell it that day, they didn't make any money off that car."

National Rental Agencies
If you book with a national car rental company, being savvy about hidden costs is the best way to save. These companies operate service counters at downtown offices as well as airports--opt to pick up your car at the downtown office if you can, which is far less expensive. Make sure to fill up the gas tank before returning the car--failure to do so can cost you twice the amount you'd pay at your local pump, says Greg Daugherty, executive editor of Consumer Reports. "It's like buying wine in a restaurant." When you pick up your rental, the agent will try to sell you insurance. Do your homework, as you might not need it. Car owners have coverage through their auto insurance plans, and many credit cards offer insurance on car rentals as well. Find out what coverage is extended to rental cars, says Mario Morales, manager of corporate underwriting at MetLife. "As a general rule, drivers should have both physical damage and liability coverage." But don't pay for what you don't need. This overlap in coverage costs renters from $9 to $19 per day, he says. Agents will also likely try to up sell you a fancier, larger, more expensive car. Unless you need a bigger car to seat people or store luggage, don't take the bait. Estimate how many miles you'll be putting on the car. A package with a mileage cap costs less than one with unlimited mileage. Return the car on time: Rental companies love to slap on hefty late fees. Trim your rental costs with discounts offered by The Automobile Association of America (better known as "Triple AAA" or the Auto Club) and professional associations, such as the Society of Professional Journalists (if you're a reporter, for example). You may want to check Facebook and Twitter for special company offers. If you rent cars regularly, sign up for the rewards membership programs offered by most of the national rental firms. Hertz, for one, rewards renters a point for every rental dollar spent. If you rack up 500 points, or $500 worth of rentals, you'll earn a free weekend day rental. Rental companies also run regular promotions, such as 25 percent off a daily rental to $50 off monthly rentals.

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