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Whether visiting for business or pleasure, our free travel planners provide the planning tools to help make your Salt Lake Visit a stress-free experience. Reviews, tips, discount offers on hotel lodging, condo rentals, golf, restaurants, activities, attractions and much more, all with one goal in mind, to get you the latest information for your upcoming visit to Utah.

Salt Lake Customer Service

Salt Lake City Relocation Packages - FREE!

If you are thinking about moving to Salt Lake City Utah, and would like to have a free package of relocation information sent to you at no charge, this is the page!

We Have 3 Different Packages For You To Choose From

The Free Utah Relocating Packages Contain:

Hotel and Extended Stay Property Info

Temporary housing until you find a place to live

Homes & Condos for Rent

Real Estate Assistance, Home Buying

Our Personal Insurance Agent Assistance (Home, Renters, Life & Auto)

Our Personal Financial Institution Info (Checking & Savings Account)

Chiropractor Services

The Dental Services We Have Chosen To Help Us With These Free Packages Have Offered The Following To Our Future Relocatees....

  • Free Teeth Whitening
  • - With Complete New Patient Check-Up

  • Free Exam & X-Rays
  • - New Patients Only

  • $110.00 Discount Off Initial Exams & X-Rays
  • - New Patients Only

    Health & Fitness Clubs

    Furniture Buy or Rental

    Addresses & Phone Numbers Of Needed Services Like.....

    Electricity - Power Company

    Our Gas Company

    Cable Television

    Drivers License Locations

    Motor Vehicle Registration Locations

    Mass Transit - Bus & Trax Light Rail

    Stuff For Kids Of All Ages - Like Zoo Info - Amusement Parks - Water Parks

    Museums - The Arts - Golf Courses

    This is new, never thought of it before. We were recently asked to recommend an electrician. An electrician? Well, when someone moves into a new place, whether it be a rental or their new home, electrical work, whether large or small is usually needed. For this, we asked DayStar Electric to help us with this. And they have offered our future residents this Free $25.00 coupon for you to use. New customers only. View and print this free coupon.

    And So Much More Helpful Salt Lake Info To Help Make Your Move Easier

    Here's a great article about getting tax breaks when you move to a new city.

    The Free Utah Relocation Packages can be sent to you at no charge, just request it below!

    With your request, please make sure you include your correct mailing address, and tell us which free packages would be more helpful for your situation.

    We have three ( 3 ) free packages that highlite certain needs, they all come with tons of free and helpful info...

    Extended Stay/Temporary Housing Information until you find a place to live

    Home Buying and Condo Information

    Home and Condo Rental Information

    If you want all three packages, that's no problem, but please tell us why in your message, or we will not forward your request to the companies and state agencies helping us with this.

    Also, if you know when you plan on moving to Salt Lake City and anything else that you think may help us assist you in making your move go smoother, please tell us in your message. If you want to supply a phone number where we can assist you on a more personal basis, send it in your email message. Don't worry, you will not be put on any email lists, sent spam, nor added to any other list or service to harass you.

    Click on this email link email link and simply request that the free Utah relocation packages be sent to you.
    Remember to tell us which ones will help you the most.

    A Helpful Cost of Living Calculator from CNN How far will your salary go in another city? Thinking about moving? See how much you should earn to maintain the same lifestyle. On average, will you pay less or more for basic needs like Groceries, Housing, Utilities, Transportation and Health Care Cost of Living Calculator

    How Much House can you afford in a new city?
    NerdWallet's Home Affordability Calculator, a tool that helps people learn how much house they can afford in Salt Lake City.
    Their company's goal is to provide information that educates consumers in making financial decisions.
    NerdWallet's Home Affordability Calculator

    Here's a checklist that can help you with your move to Utah. Checklist

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